Apprehension of your security strategy

We work in France and abroad for business leaders, organizations, public structures or private individuals.

AFS experts all have operational experience in several theaters of operation in always tense contexts. They all have a particular technical qualification to cover many areas. All registered with the CNAPS, they have acquired their PRO card.

AFS experts travel to take your concerns into account, analyze the situation and offer appropriate solutions. Our experts are able to provide you with a reliable and adaptive situation assessment on buildings, organizations or events. Finally, they are able to work on developing a business continuity plan.

Available, attentive and reactive, we will adjust to your requirements while always preserving the safety-security function.

Conduct your security audit!

Our experts help you design and implement your security strategy, to ensure the sustainability of your organization.

Agence France SAS

« Do not tell me this problem is difficult. If it were not difficult, it would not be a problem. »

Ferdinand foch


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