A team to protect you on the field

We operate in France and abroad for public figures, businessmen, business owners as well as vulnerable and / or threatened people (abused women for example).

The AFS officers were all trained as bodyguards in Special Forces units, they all served for one or more close protection missions abroad, in operations and in sensitive contexts ; furthermore, they are registered with the CNAPS and PRO card holders.

Their mission is to ensure your safety and your physical integrity. For this purpose, they protect you in all your travels, prepare your trips, make the required recon / initial contact and provide alternative solutions when necessary.

Depending on the situation and its needs, they can also advise you to adopt preventive behaviors and introduce you to self-defense techniques. Knowing how to blend in any environment, obliging and farsighted, active but discreet, our officers will allow you to feel perfectly safe while pursuing your private or professional activities.

Our service is reactive, personalized and high standing.

Ensure your safety!

Some sensitive situations require a special security framework. Agence France SAS protects you from external threats and provide physical protection against uncontrolled dangers.

Agence France SAS

« The ambition to do good is the only one that matters. »

Robert Baden-Powell


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